Introduction to Programming - Linux (2018 - 2019)

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Εισαγωγή στο Linux

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Κατηγορία: Linux
CC - Αναφορά Δημιουργού
CC - Αναφορά Δημιουργού

Εβδομαδιαία μορφή

In the first lecture, we will have a short introduction to Linux and we will see some advantages of using Linux instead of other Operating Systems.


  • Some historical, technical and general facts about Linux
  • The Linux directory structure
  • Linux command line
    • ls, cd, mkdir, rm, cp, mv
    • history, man
    • creating files


  • Basic editors: nano, pico etc
  • Linux command line
    • more, less, head, tail
    • apt-get
    • redirection: pipes, writing to files

(lecture notes: see class 2)


  • Linux command line
    • grep, cut, less, xargs
    • pipes
  • Emacs editor
  • Create scripts
  • The PATH Variable


  • Study the first 35 pages (up to 1.7) of the document (BOOK) and try to understand the examples.
  • Also, check the first pages of this BOOK2 (up to Specialized Navigation and History).

DEADLINE 7 November 2018



Exercises are here

deadline 26/11/2018

Basic AWK functionality and commands


Lecture notes: AWK_basics.pdf

Exercises: AWK_exercises.pdf

File for exercises: AWK_directory.txt

BLAST basics

Downloading & configuring BLAST, getting info about BLASTDBs, running BLAST, creating BLAST DBs


Lecture notes: BLAST_tutorial_2018.pdf

BLAST algorithm basic information: BLAST_basic.pdf


Tabular Data File Processing  via GAWΚ (and other unix command line tools)

Merge (join)

Introduction to HPC

Tutorial for accessing, submitting and monitoring tasks at IMBBC HPC



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