Dimitris Kafetzopoulos

Dimitris Kafetzopoulos studied Biology at the University of Thessaloniki, Biochemistry at the University of Toronto Graduate School, and  he was awarded the doctorate degree in Applied Biology and Biotechnology from the Dept. of Biology of the University of Crete for his research in enzyme conversion of cell wall polysaccharides. During his postdoctoral research, as an EMBO, HFSPO and EU fellow at the University of Leiden, he studied molecular signaling in plant-microbe interactions. Since 1997, he is a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), leading the research group of Post-Genomic Applications and the Minotech Genomics Facility. In  2023 he has been appointed deputy director of the Institute. His research interests include drug development, molecular classification of cancer, personal genomics and diagnostic sequencing, biomedical informatics and most recently ancient DNA analysis. He has participated and coordinated several national and European research projects, including research contracts with the pharmaceutical industry, multidisciplinary research and technology foresight projects. He has published more than 60 research papers and he has been the main inventor of 5 patents. For his inventive and innovative research, in 2002, he has been awarded a prize by the Greek Patent Office. He is teaching of post-genomic methodologies and innovation management topics at the University of Crete graduate programs.

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